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50 Fun Facts About the Chicago Cubs

50 Fun Facts About the Chicago Cubs

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Here are the history, highlights, and heroes of one of the oldest and most beloved teams in professional baseball. In this handy little guide are 50 facts and figures and much more about the Chicago Cubs, distilled from more than 150 years of big-league baseball on the North Side of Chicago. Carry this book in your backpack or back pocket when you go to Wrigley Field. Snack on it along with your Chicago-style hot dog. Take it to spring training. Impress your family and friends. Enrich your trivia game. Know more about the Cubs and enhance the thrill of the game. Collect all the 50 Fun Facts baseball books and merch and have even more fun.


A Fan Remembers: Memories from a lifelong fan.
Origins: Their first ballpark burned down in the Great Chicago Fire!
Ball Parks: It wasn't always Wrigley Field.
Greatest Players: Ernie, Billy, Ronnie, Ryno, Grace, and so many more.
Managers & Owners
High Points: Beyond 2016.
Low Points
Fans & Traditions: Celebrity Cub fans, The Curse of the Billy Goat.
Announcers: Brickhouse, Harry, and other voices of the Cubs.
The Cubs Today
Bonus Facts: Award winners, the farm system.
All-Time Stats Leaders: GOATs in Batting and Pitching.
Quiz Time: Test yourself, test your friends, create your own questions.
More About the Team: Resources, Books, Websites, and Podcasts.
Includes photos and illustrations.

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